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Oracle Certification

Oracle offers students a number of certifications in multiple fields of OS, Database applications, cloud system, enterprise administration, virtualization and even more. This official recognition conduct will aid you in getting started by Oracle’s certification and innovating career paths. Oracle offers a massive amount of software as well as hardware solutions planned to abridge IT.

OOPs concept in JAVA.

Multi Threading



Inheritance, Interface and Polymorphism.

Data Base connectivity.

Lambda Operation

Java Date/Time API and I/O Fundamental.

The Fork Join Framework.

Parallel Stream.

Database Application with JDBC

File System Hierarchy, SAMBA/NFS, Python Installation,

Basic concepts of Python, Functions, file handling, OOP's

Installation of Raspberry-PI OS, Interfacing: LED, SENSOR, SWITCHES, CAMERA, GPS

Interfacing Sensors (Light) with Aurdino.

Projects with Raspberry-Pi

VOIP, Real time GPS/GPRS ,Raspberry-PI and Arduino

Introduction to AI, Login for planning.

OpenCV, Color filtering, Morphological

Introduction to Virtual Assistants, Building an application with STT and TTS

Project With AI

AI based face recognization based security system

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