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In the growing IT business, official recognition plays an important role in the aims of getting jobs into top brands. It’s a significant instrument for structuring skill levels with a number of opportunities. Cisco certification is broadly accepted in the market, these recognitions carry important, measurable rewards to create IT professionals.

The one who is planning to make their career in networking then CCNA gives you the full knowledge that how the network layers work. This certification will not only enhance your fundamental knowledge related to technology but also helps you to continue with the skills required for the implementation of next advance technology.

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Big Data with java

Java is a programming language that is considered to be a pre requisite for any other programming associated with advanced logical interfaces. Big data with Java is an ultimate combo pack which behaves as an assured pathway towards a bright career in IT.


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Basics of Redhat, Administrative commands, Installation

Installation ,User and administrative commands,troubleshooting

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ccna training labs

Mysql Basic and advance commands

OOPs, Collection framework,DataBase Connectivity, Swing

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Pig and Latin

ccna training syllabus

Basics of Pig ,Grunt ,Error Handling and scope of creating UDFs for Pig

Data Model, Data Storage and Distribution,Hbase and Java API

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Sqoop Overview,Import and Export data

Importance ,Modeling in Hive ,Hive structures and data load process,Bucketing, Blocks, Hashing

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Architecture of Cassandra, Installation and Configuration,CRUD with Java

Overview of R,Simulation, code profiling,Database Connectivity,Visualization

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Creating a Scala Project, Scala Documentation, Classes,Objects

Spark Overview ,Spark Job Execution,Cluster Architectures for Spark

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6 month ccna course

Introduction to In-Memory Computing, MongoDB API,connection with Java and PHP

Big Data with machine learning

When automated machines are embedded with the finest technology of Big data and the extreme measures of IT, Machine learning with Big data is what can make this requirement accomplished and step up technology to a new benchmark. .


Basics of Redhat, Administrative commands, Installation

Installation ,User and administrative commands,troubleshooting

Overview of R,Simulation, code profiling,Database Connectivity,Visualization

Basic of Python, I/O, DataBase Connectivity OOP's, Python GUI.

GUI Application development with jython database connectivity.

Introduction to Machine Learning.

Supervised learning - Regression, A case study in Classification.

Clustering- A case study in clusetering.

Deep Learning : Searching for Images.

Spark Architecture, Machine learning with spark - Mllib.

Machine Learning Frameworks

Numerical Computation Using Apache Singa.

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