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How BIG is Big Data “Reasons For Enterprise To Admire It”

How BIG is Big Data

A set of data which is heavy and complex and inadequate the progress of traditional data processing apps is called Big Data. Challenges which such applications faces with this big data include analysis, storage, transfer, data visualization, information privacy and more.

Big Data leads us to an advancement of extracting valuable and statistical information from data that supports in improvising the decision making of an organization; resulting higher operational success in the market. This adequate the worth of Big Data as a part of an organization; let’s discuss the insight of big data and its impression on enterprise growth to solidify the importance of Big Data.

Be it a small or large scale enterprise, data is extracted at every level of business.  Whether its data of warehouse, production or be any department within the organization, but data is important in as its assist management in taking present and future operational decisions. This makes Big Data much needed aspect for any enterprise.

In current scenario, Indian researchers are opting Big Data, the latest example can be take of “Simhastha Kumbh 2016” a mega event that’s organized in Ujjain a city of Madhya Pradesh, India.

To operate this mega event a coloration of Indian and multi-nation institutes and universities is working together with name “Indo-Dutch Collaborative Research Camp” and is successfully operational at Ujjain. The State Government is expecting more than 2.5 million visitors to attend this mega event; to manage the crowd diversion and their safety and other aspects even they are depending on Big Data. Cover the entire story here

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